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At GQI Ltd, we are specialists in final salary pension scheme in Farnham. Our consultants will offer you expert advice for your defined benefit pension scheme. Planning for your retirement or managing your pensions when you are no longer working can be complex. Rules and allowances change regularly so expert advice is essential. Not only when building your retirement funds, but once you are in retirement.

Reasons why you should have a pension review

  • Your pension(s) could be invested in funds that aren’t performing well or are no longer appropriate.
  • You could be over concentrated into one particular asset, region or sector, causing portfolio inefficiencies, underperformance and higher levels of volatility
  • Your historic plans may no longer represent value for money or provide the flexibility or investment opportunities that more modern plans can
  • Your current plans may have a restrictive choice of funds, which has likely affected returns and if left will continue to affect them

Specialists In Defined Benefit Pension Scheme In Farnham

We are pension transfer specialists so we are able to provide good robust advice when it comes to Defined Benefit / Final Salary Pensions, ensuring that you are placed in a fully informed position whether you decide to remain in the scheme or decide to transfer out. We can provide comprehensive pension analysis and advice to clients, helping them understand whether their current pension strategy is in line with their objectives and whether or not existing plans represent value for money and are fit for purpose.

In some cases, where the existing plans cannot be continued with, a recommendation to consolidate into a more suitable plan may be recommended.

Benefits of consolidation

  • Access to a wider range of funds – can lead to improved investment returns and better risk management
  • Cohesive investment strategy across all pension assets
  • Improved flexibility at retirement in terms of accessing your benefits to suit you.

Our Process

Typically, part of the process is to look at how much your current lifestyle costs and your ability to sustain it. Facing that reality can be difficult, but once the process is underway, our cashflow modelling will help promote increased confidence. We use advanced forecasting software to calculate the most tax efficient way to arrange your income and manage your expenditure. This ensures you remain on track to achieve your financial goals. Get in touch today with one of our specialists in final salary pension scheme in Farnham!

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