Chartered Financial Planners

We have been offering bespoke estate planning in Farnham for different clients for more than thirty years. Similar to pension legislation, taxes rarely stand still. That is why keeping up to date and ensuring that your finances are managed in the most tax efficient way is very important. It can make a major difference to how your wealth accumulates over the long term.

Bespoke Estate Planning Solutions

Our estate planning solutions are tailored to each client. We have more than thirty years of experience and knowledge in the industry. Our ethos is to provide clear and easy to understand advice that is applicable to their circumstances and this will form part of the ongoing comprehensive financial planning that we have provided to many clients over the years.

Why Choose Our Professional Services In Farnham?

At GQI, We ensure you use all the appropriate allowances and reliefs available to keep your investments growing as tax efficiently as possible. Your investments are structured so that current and future tax liabilities are mitigated as much as possible. Sensible and timely planning in relation to Income Tax, Inheritance Tax and Capital Gains Tax can make a very significant impact.

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